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June 22, 2022by Easy2Employ

When devices are in-office, they’re much easier to protect against malware attacks and data theft. IT department or outside cybersecurity advisors routinely control and monitor these protocols within company confines. While this looks like a strong case for remote working as a permanent model, it’s not so cut-and-dried. CEO and Co-founder Ben Chatfield discusses the benefits of hybrid working and gives his top tips for hiring for a hybrid workforce. From hidden costs to the impact on employee experience, the key challenges of device offboarding explained. Here’s how a late laptop can negatively impact your remote onboarding.

Instead, we piloted a remote-first approach to give people an option to use an office if they wanted to do so. We’ve since learned that the vast majority didn’t need the space. Globally, about 1% of our workforce is choosing to come into the office every day. Combined, the three offices we’re closing saw a weekly average utilization of less than 2% of the available workspaces. Freelancer.com claims to be “The World’s Largest Outsourcing Marketplace,” and it’s chock full of remote freelancing gigs. With over 13 million users, it features freelance jobs for PHP developers, content writers, and web designers alike.

Creating a Remote Work Culture in a New Location: Tips for Community Building

Learn how to land a high-paying, entry-level job and kickstart your career with a generous salary and room for growth. Learn valuable tips and explore industries with competitive salary opportunities. Nodesk began in 2015 with the mission to bring companies and people together in a remote environment. It contains articles, books, newsletters, company directory and a dedicated blog center called Intrinsic, which captures insights from the remote community as a whole. It takes some skill to engage employees who work remotely. Here’s how to build a positive company culture that will maximize your remote team’s potential.

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It also features articles on digital nomads, reviews of coworking spaces, updates of events, motivational guides, and stories. The site also includes a section for a list of resources you need for work and a section for the latest and upcoming deals on travel, remote tools, and software. The remote work blogs are categorized into reasons to go remote, working remotely, building a remote team  and remote management. Of these, the blog talking about the interesting benefits of remote work is definitely worth taking a look at.

AMA with Darren Murph, Head of Remote at GitLab

Looking for the best part-time, remote work-from-home jobs? To help you start your search, here are the top 30 companies that commonly hire. We’ll only send you the best articles and resources to help with working remotely and virtual team building for your remote and hybrid team. This remote work blog has a strong social media presence and is one of the key twitter accounts to follow for remote-work related inspiration! It was started by Sara Sutton, Founder of flexjobs, and herself a strong advocate for permanent remote work. The Write life is a resource for remote freelancers and the writing community.

As a resource center dedicated to the freelancing, temping and casual earning network, the write life features blogs on staying disciplined and aware of deadlines. Your employees will need a high-quality office setup to feel comfortable and productive. These essential tools can help remote workers do their job well. Also, what happens when remote workers go to a Starbucks for a change of scenery? Are they logging on to a public network – a leaky virtual environment, if ever there was one? How much of the companies’ crucial data is moving out with resigning employees or to bad actors in the cybersecurity arena?

Too many meetings? Expert advice on the right meeting cadence for every kind of meeting

Besides these, Aakash has also written extensive reviews on productivity, project management and collaboration tools that enable remote teams to track their progress and remain self-sufficient. I’ve shared my thoughts on why forcing people back to the office, even in a hybrid model, is the wrong approach. It requires employees to live near an office, potentially driving up their housing costs, and to endure unpaid time spent commuting. It also means hiring is artificially constrained by geography, translating to a smaller and less diverse pool of talent. Our workforce was previously concentrated in the areas where we have offices, and now we have employees spread across every state in the U.S. and four countries. The content within this platform is excellent to read and provides lots of career guidance.

  • Explore these uplifting jobs and start your job search here.
  • Square began as a small credit card-reading application and now provides merchants with the ability to manage point-of-sale systems, accept credit card payments, and sell online.
  • You can work from a beach, a ski resort, your library, or you can simply stay home and work in your pajamas.
  • How do companies protect their intellectual property right and invention rights with remote workforces?
  • Want to know some of the high-paying remote jobs available?
  • Nodesk began in 2015 with the mission to bring companies and people together in a remote environment.

Today, I shared with our team why Yelp is leading the way in creating the workplace of the future. Dribbble is most often known as a pillar site for freelance web designers to share their portfolios and find their next gig — but it has a lesser known jobs listing feature, too. There’s a location tab on top of the screen where you can click “remote / anywhere” and then be off to the races finding your next work-from-home gig.

How To Reduce Bias In The Hiring Process

If you want to know how to use remote working to help your business, there’s a few posts I recommend to help get you started. Everything you need to know about how to get a digital nomad visa and work remotely from 35 countries anywhere in the world. Remote working significantly saves time in terms of commute, while also empowering increased flexibility. Since people are not limited to official office hours, they can start well before or after nine am and knock off earlier or work later than five pm (i.e., conventional office hours in most industries). In addition, staying at home creates conditions for closer family connection and sharing leisure time more than ever before.

However, this benefit only works with a well-thought-out remote concept. For setting it up, you should know and avoid these common mistakes. A) Work-life balance.b) Remote culture.c) Interviews with teams who have nailed remote work.d) Remote leadership.

Writer and Professor Phil Lemos on a Profession That Is Both Traditional and Remote

If you want to maximize your remote work productivity (as a team or a remote worker), read the Mailman blog. A) How to run a remote company (from hiring to team bonding)b) Work-life balance.c) Workplace culture.d) Business decisions and strategies. Discover effective mindsets and tips for successful video pitching. The Career Builder https://remotemode.net/blog/ jobs site claims to be the largest online employment website in the United States. Simply type in “telecommute” or “remote” as a keyword, and you’ll find more than 9,000 part-time, contract, and full-time jobs. FreelancerMap allows users to search thousands of active IT projects looking for remote, freelance team members.

The conversation around remote working has reached fever pitch. With so many businesses deciding to tell their employees to work from home, many people are adopting remote working for the first time. Fortunately, today’s technology helps make remote working a viable reality for many companies, so in theory the transition could be seamless.

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